Collect data and consumer consents with zero-party data

Create your Customer Portal to legally collect, consolidate and share your customers'personal data

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Better targeting using Zero-Party Data*

> Collect relevant data easily from your customers and prospects with their consent

> Supervise your data collection completely legally and use it in your business offers

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* Zero-Party Data refers to all personal data voluntarily shared by customers Reliable data

Data collection in full compliance

> GDPR, CCPA and ePrivacy, DATADEAL allows you to collect data confidently and without compromising privacy.

> You are informed of the proof of the consents given. You can get back to your users at any time.

> Put your users in control of their personal data. Your customers can decide autonomously what actions to take regarding the use of their data.

A value exchange with your customers

> Collect your customers' data transparently and gain a better understanding of their preferences.

> Develop direct relationships with your customers to improve your marketing strategy

> Leverage customer interactions to generate new sales

Relevant & sustainable data

> Generate accurate analysis for your sales & marketing strategies.

> Strengthen high quality data in your CRM.

> Keep continously an up-to-date customer database

Use powerful marketing tools to strengthen your customer relationship

Customised portal
Customised portal

Customise and deploy the Customer Portal that reflects you

Direct access to data
Direct access to data

Give your customers easy access to their data to build trust

Attractive commercial offers
Attractive commercial offers

Attract your customers and prospects with new commercial offers

Consent management
Consent management

Obtain data in accordance with legal requirements

Advanced reporting
Advanced reporting

Analyse results and structure more effective targeting

Utilisez des outils marketing puissants pour renforcer votre relation client

iMac using security system

Portail personnalisé

Customizez et déployez le Portail Client qui vous ressemble

Accès direct aux données

Offrez à vos clients un accès aisé à leurs données pour construire une relation de confiance

Offres commerciales attractives

Attirer vos clients et prospects avec des offres commerciales inédites

Gestion des consentements

Obtenir des données conformément aux dispositions légales

Reporting avancé

Analyser les résultats et structurer un ciblage plus efficace

DATADEAL guarantees you…

Lawful collection
Reliable data
Relevant analysis
A business accelerator
A source of leads

They talk about it better than we do !

Jean D. Marketing Director

100 employees - retail

DATADEAL is a creative data platform helping our marketers create beautiful & data compliant display forms

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Mathieu M. Digital Marketing

30 employees - Consumer goods

I recommend it 2000% ! Easy to use, fast to implement and then the team is so responsive and so efficient 🙂

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Boris N. Marketing Director

160 employees -  Cloud services

With DATADEAL, we have found a "client-centric" partner who breaks the codes and offers innovative services... with adding a fun touch !

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Julie D. Marketing Director

20 employees - e-commerce

Like many companies, I used to do cold emailing and cookies. With GDPR regulations it has become more complicated. We find ourselves with new problems and not the right information. Since I use DATADEAL my data collection has changed dramatically.

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Marie. S Marketing digital

210 salariés - industrie

DATADEAL est une plateforme qui plait beaucoup à nos clients. Ils peuvent facilement interagir sur leurs données personnelles. DATADEAL leur permet de reprendre le contrôle sur leurs données, en toute transparence

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Create your commercial offers
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